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How to Make $500 Without Even Trying

Recently my editor emailed me a request: Editor: “Can you give us your top tips for saving on power bills?” Barefoot: “Okay. How about ‘turn off your bloody lights!’.” Editor: “Errr … do you have anything else?” Barefoot: … (No reply) Truth is, I don’t do money-saving tips: “If Jenny...

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How to Save 98% of Your Income

Hi Scott, My mum and I always read your column, and it is one of few times we stop arguing and have great discussions. I am in Year 11 and interested in sports journalism and ma...

Should I Dob in My Brother to the Cops?

Dear Scott, For the last year or so, my younger brother has been doing some online share trading. Long story short, he has lost it all -- hundreds of thousands of dollars. In th...

Airbnb Trap

Hi Barefoot, I have had a friend of my brother’s flatting with me for the past seven months, for which I have been charging him $150 a week cash. Now he has moved on, I am thi...

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