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What I learned from reading 385 job applications

Okay, so I’m kind of weird. This year I’ve employed six people. It’s not supposed to be this way; just ask the Daily Telegraph: “The chance jobseekers with little or no experience have of finding work has plummeted, with startling figures revealing entry-level positions are ‘virtually non-existent’. Graduate jobs represent...

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Something I Said I’d Never Do

Hi Scott, I am 28 and and earning $70,000 a year. I am also $10,000 in debt because I did something I said I would never do: took out a personal loan. I have been desperately t...

I Got This!

Hi Scott, I spent my twenties telling myself I could never afford to own a home, so I just spent my money. Then I started reading your stuff. When I saw that even singles on the...

I won $250,000 on a Gameshow

Hi! Recently, I was lucky enough to win $250,000 on a gameshow! Since winning, I have paid off a loan I owed my dad and and put the rest into our mortgage -- the house is valued...

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