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Kids and money

The revolution starts with you

The Commonwealth Bank is under fire (again). This time it’s because CHOICE magazine called for the CBA’s Dollarmites school banking program to be banned. (For the record, I’ve been banging on about this issue for the best part of a decade, including two years ago when I fronted a Senate...

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Burning Through the Bucks, Baby

Dear Barefoot, I am 35 and engaged to the most generous guy, who I love. But we have spent $31,000 in two months! We earn $330,000 p.a. combined and have equity of $850,000 in o...

It’s 2am and I Can’t Sleep

Hello Barefoot, I am typing this at 2am -- I cannot sleep. My husband and I have a household income of $200,000 and have three small kids -- but we never see them, as we work in...

Dump the Dollarmites?

Dear BFI, My kid’s school is considering school banking, and someone suggested Dollarmites. I bit my tongue while screaming NOOOOOO inwardly. I want to attend the next meeting...

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