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Now I know why everyone hates me

“I understand why everyone hates you.” I was at a booksellers’ conference a few weeks ago, about to give a speech, when a suave, tanned bloke with silver hair walked up to me and delivered that opening line with a smug chuckle. Twelve years ago, when I was a virgin...

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The Barefoot Book

Scott, I have followed you for years, and treated your first book like a bible since a good friend of mine gave it to me in 2010 -- when my husband died. At that time I could n...

Are Family Trusts the Tax Haven They Used to Be?

Hi Scott, My accountant told me that a family trust is not the ‘tax haven’ it used to be a few years ago. Is that true? We were thinking about establishing one for our fami...

The Recovering Gambling Addict

Hi Scott, I am a recovering gambling addict. I got hooked at a young age, but I have not gambled in the last 18 months. Now I am in my late 20s and have ruined my credit rating...

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