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The 3 Smart Gifts I’m Giving this Christmas for Under $30

Christmas shopping sucks, right? Not for me. Years ago, I cracked the Christmas shopping code: buy people books. They’re the ultimate present, they cost under $30, they don’t need a separate card (I simply scribble a Merry Christmas message on the inside cover), and my local bookstore will even gift...

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My Parents Nicked My Money

Dear Scott, My grandmother passed away in 2013 and left me, along with her other four grandchildren, $50,000. Unfortunately, my parents put the money into their mortgage offset...

My First Year as an Adult

Dear Scott, Just over a year ago I was a 17-year-old high school graduate with literally $0 to my name. Luckily, I managed to find a farm job over the summer break before starti...

High Returns from Medical Cannabis?

Hi Scott, We are in our mid-forties with a combined income of $110,000. We own our home and have an investment property worth approximately $420,000. We would like to further se...

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