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Kids and money

How Not to Raise a Spoilt Brat

Recently, I received the following email: “Hello Scott, We’re a PR firm representing a toothpaste company. We’ve commissioned some research on how much Aussie kids get from the Tooth Fairy. Can we pay you to comment on the research for our press release?” “No” was my firm answer. I mean,...

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Thanks, Barefoot

Dear Scott, Last year I wrote and explained how the Barefoot Investor had changed my life. Lucky for me, you wrote an article on my letter (‘Here’s One for the Grandparents...

What Would You Do?

Hi Barefoot, I am 35 and on a good salary ($190,000). My question is this: If you had an investment property that, if sold, would clear $80,000, and you had personal debt of $5...

Give a Brother a Hand

Dear Scott, My husband’s brother and his wife have recently taken out a $360,000 home loan, with $60,000 in an attached offset account. They’re paying 3.99 per cent interes...

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