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Buying your first home

A $25,000 Gift to First Home Buyers?

Should first home buyers be allowed to raid their super to fund a house deposit? “No”, declared Malcolm Turnbull boldly in 2015, before adding that it was “a thoroughly bad idea”. Then again, in 2015 the Minister for Networth also said that he thought Tony was doing a dinky-di job...

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Barefoot Goes to School

Hi Scott, I am a high school economics teacher. This week I made your recent article ‘How Not to Raise a Spoiled Brat’ required reading for my Year 9/10 class. I am looking...

The Ethical Dilemma

Hi Scott, I have a question about ethical investing. Having done some research on ethical funds, I find myself stuck between two extremes. Some have low fees but are not ethica...

A Father’s Final Wish

Hi Scott, Sadly, my husband has just been advised that his cancer has moved to ‘terminal’ (he is only 48). We are devastated, but the reality is we have to make some hard de...

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