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How To Earn $62,444 While Doing Sweet Stuff All

If you’re 55 or over, stop what you’re doing and read this. If you’re under 55, forward this on to your parents (and any other salt-and-peppered-haired loved ones). Please, make sure they read it — and act on it. Today I’m going to walk you through one of the last...

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Taking a Year Off, Getting High

Hi Scott, I’ve read that when marijuana was legalised in the US, companies that were in the business of supplying it went from zero to hero very quickly. With talk that marij...

Up in the Airb’n’b

Hi Scott, I’m alone and scared. After ten years of marriage my husband decided I wasn’t the one for him. I have taken the principal place of residence and we have sold our...

Funeral Insurance

Hi Scott,I am 76, a pensioner with very little money, and I don’t want to be a financial burden my daughter, so I am thinking of taking out insurance for my funeral costs, wh...

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