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The Fogey Awards, 2015

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the Fogey Awards for 2015 — the eleventh edition of the annual awards celebrating the characters who’ve managed to put a bit of show-biz into the all-too-often sensible world of investing. For the uninitiated, the Fogeys were born partly out of television’s...

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My Daughter Is a Brat

Hi Barefoot,How can I teach my 13-year-old daughter the value of money? She will not stop asking for an iPhone 6s. We have explained to her that we do not spend that much on p...

Barefoot Says: Don’t Pay Off Your Mortgage?

Hi Scott,I have just signed up for my first mortgage at the age of 56. I saved $110k over 10 years and borrowed $175k. If I pay fortnightly I can own the house outright in ju...

The House of My Dreams

Dear Scott,I love reading your columns and would love your advice on what to do. I’m married with two boys (one newborn) and we have savings of $12k, with no debt. My husband...

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