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    Building a business

    The Real Secrets of Success

    Do you know the biggest lesson I’ve learned from answering thousands of people’s questions? Most people ask the wrong question. They frame it like it’s black or white. Cut and dried. A hopeless situation with no way out. (Whether it’s true is beside the point — it’s true for them.)...

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    Robbed With a Pen

    Hi Scott, I have an SMSF that I set up some years ago when I invested in land syndicates. The projected maturity date was somewhere between of 2012 and 2014 ... I'm still waiti...

    Help Me Buy a House

    Hi Barefoot, I’m wanting to buy my first home but don't have a deposit. I earn $37,000 a year. I have a car loan which costs me $327p/f and will be paid off in March 2018 (ap...

    Self Managed Super Fund

    Hi Scott, Love your emails! My husband and I are looking into an SMSF. Is there anyone you would recommend to set this up? I was looking at ESuperfund -- they appear to make th...

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