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    Family and legacy

    Who taught you about money?

    Right now I’m on holidays with my family in Bali. The last time Liz and I were here, we were newlyweds without a care in the world. I’d romantically feed her strawberries and we’d laze by the pool, armed only with our bathers, towels and a frosty beer. “Tapas?” Liz...

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    Robbed With a Pen

    Hi Scott, I have an SMSF that I set up some years ago when I invested in land syndicates. The projected maturity date was somewhere between of 2012 and 2014 ... I'm still waiti...

    Help Me Buy a House

    Hi Barefoot, I’m wanting to buy my first home but don't have a deposit. I earn $37,000 a year. I have a car loan which costs me $327p/f and will be paid off in March 2018 (ap...

    Self Managed Super Fund

    Hi Scott, Love your emails! My husband and I are looking into an SMSF. Is there anyone you would recommend to set this up? I was looking at ESuperfund -- they appear to make th...

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