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    How much should you spend on a wedding ring?

    This column is dedicated to all the brothers out there who are buying an engagement ring this weekend. And there’s a lot of you. According to the ABS, 120,000 people get hitched each year. That’s 60,000 blokes, and 60,000 rocks. It’s stressful (you know her taste … right?) and bloody...

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    The Barefoot Investor Made Me a Fortune!

    Hi Scott, You finally earned me some money! I looked in the paper and saw your horse -- Barefoot Investor -- running at Cranbourne last weekend. It was paying good odds and it...

    Go Pies!

    Hi Barefoot, La Trobe Financial offers amazing rates on term deposits -- 5.2 per cent for 12 months and up to 7 per cent for 24 months. You always say ‘if it’s too good to...

    Buying Bricks

    Hi Scott Just read about a company called BRICKX which lets you buy a ‘brick’ in a property investment with very small amounts of money. (They split a house into 10,000 bri...

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