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    Buying your first home

    The Real Estate Mistakes Most First Home Buyers Are Making

    “Aussie Dream is Dying” read a newspaper headline earlier in the week. I happened to be reading the article as I was waiting for a coffee. So I turned to my hipster barista — who was all beardy and tattooed and David Beckham-like — and read him the following sentence:...

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    Mixing It Up

    Hi Scott,Mate, what percentage of an investment portfolio should be Aussie shares compared to international shares? Considering Aussie shares provide dividends more than inter...

    Virtual Reality

    Hey BF, I am 26 years old and have about $6k tied up in CBA and AFIC shares, with the plan of buying another $5k worth and sitting on them for as long as possible (while increm...

    Breaking Bad (Advice)

    Hi Scott,Due to bad advice 20 years ago, my wife and I put the family home in a company name which she had tried to get off the ground as a small business. We still have the c...

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