The Ultimate Father’s Day Present

Every Mother’s Day, my wife and her girlfriends have a tradition:

They book a fancy restaurant and get all dressed up, looking a million bucks …

And then?

They offload the kids onto their husbands and spend the rest of the day drinking champers together!

So for Father’s Day this year, I figured “if it’s good for the ewes, it’s good for the rams”.

I started a brand-new tradition: me and the other husbands decided that for Father’s Day we’d put on our cleanest jeans, offload the kids, and head to a local joint for a brew or two (or three).

Nice one.

Yet there’s another Father’s Day tradition that I’ve been doing with my readers for years, and I’d like to share it with you.

See, it’s a bit of a cliche that every dad gets a mug … or a keyring … or a block of chocolate … or a tie.

But what I want to share with you today is a present that you and your dad will treasure.

And even better?

It won’t cost you a thing.

Let me explain …

You see, my wife’s father died a few years before I met her.

When our house burned to the ground, in 2014, we lost some of the last remaining photos of him, the letters he’d written, and the paintings he cherished.

How does my wife explain to me who her father was?

How does she explain to our sons who Grandpa was?

Her physical reminders are now lost in the ashes.

So, I made a pact with her that each year I’d share with you, my readers, the ultimate Father’s Day present.

The Ultimate Father’s Day Present

If you’re lucky enough to have your father still with you, here’s how you can give him the ultimate Father’s Day present. Go and see him, whip out your phone, hit ‘record’, and ask him the following questions:

  1. How did you meet Mum?
  2. What advice can you share with me about money, life and happiness?
  3. What does being a dad mean to you?
  4. What are you most proud of?
  5. How would you like to be remembered?

This is not for Facebook. It’s for you and your family’s legacy. One day, it’s all you’ll have left of him.

And you’ll treasure it.

Happy Father’s Day!