You’re Wrong, Barefoot!



I was not happy with your answer to Rebecca a few weeks ago. You disagreed with her husband, who told her it was “better for us to have control of our money rather than a superannuation company”. If that company was such as AMP, with poor growth, ongoing fees and other rip-offs (as exposed by the Royal Commission), then her husband’s suggestion may have been the better way to go.


Scott's Answer

Hi Peter,

That’s like saying:

“You drive a Holden Barina. It’s a terrible car. So instead, you should sell it and ride a horse.”

Who says you have to drive a Barina?

Most people have the ability to choose a good super fund with low fees.

My view is that if you don’t like your super fund you should be looking to move to a better fund rather than flogging a dead horse.

Saddle up!