Southern Cross Travel Insurance


Hi Scott,

This question is for my brother. After being diagnosed with serious bone cancer in March 2017, he proceeded to apply to his travel insurer — Southern Cross Travel — for a refund on his overseas trip, planned for April 2017. But Southern Cross have refused to pay up the $4,000. His doctors are at a loss as to why they won’t pay — fairly cut and dried they thought. How damn sick do you need to be? Please help!


Scott's Answer

Hi Nick,

I read through Southern Cross’ Product Disclosure Statement.

It’s pretty clear: “This policy automatically includes cover … for actual and reasonable losses incurred by you because of an unexpected event, if you have to cancel or change the dates of your journey before leaving Australia.” And it details one of the ‘unexpected events’ as the “diagnosis of a terminal condition, or a condition requiring radiotherapy or chemotherapy”. They say they’ll pay up to $2,500 on a single trip.

Like your brother’s doctors say, it seems pretty cut and dried, so perhaps I’m missing something.

Or maybe it’s Southern Cross that’s missing something. Most big companies have sophisticated media tracking systems which alert them to when their names are mentioned in the media.

So, since this column is being published across the country, maybe they’ll pick it up.

Just in case, let’s throw in a few keywords: “Southern Cross Travel Insurance Fair Suck of The Sav”.

Let’s see if Southern Cross Travel Insurance reviews your brother’s case and, if he’s in the right, pays the claim.

Over to you, Southern Cross Travel Insurance.