Sleepless Barefooters


Hi Scott,

My wife and I recently welcomed our first child, a boy.

While at the hospital, I noticed your book was in the hospital library with the caption ‘Great Books to Read Aloud to Babies’.

We have a copy at home that I have tried reading to our son, but he does not seem too interested right now!

Anyway, I wanted to ask for your advice on what type of bank account I should set up for him.


Anna and Steve

Scott's Answer

Hi Guys,


But I don’t think babies need bank accounts.

If you’re just going to use it for some grandparents’ birthday gifts and a few bucks here and there, you’d be better off creating an additional online saver in the lower-income-earning spouse’s name, and then nicknaming that account after your child. (That’s important — names have power — if you don’t, you’ll probably forget after a while and end up spending the money.)

However, if you’re thinking about saving long term for his future (10 years plus), you definitely don’t want to have that money in a bank account: better to invest it in the share market. I write about that in my book too.

Feel free to read all about it in your rocking chair. However, I’d suggest you stick with Where’s The Green Sheep? and save my book for a few months’ time when you and your wife can tackle it together on a date night at a restaurant!