Mortgage or Super?


Hi Scott,

On page 156 of your book it says: “So with your home deposit saved and your house bought, it’s time to give your super contributions a boost.” Could you please settle an argument for my husband and me? Do you mean house bought as in mortgage paid off, or do you mean purchased but still paying off the mortgage?


Scott's Answer

Hi Kristen

After you buy your home, you boost your super.

As the little girl on the taco ad says, “Why not do both?”.

To clarify, here are the relevant Barefoot steps:

Step 4: Buy your home.

Step 5: Increase your super to 15 per cent.

Step 6: Boost your Mojo to three months of living expenses.

Step 7: Get the banker off your back.

Now, there are three reasons you should follow the steps and the little Mexican girl:

First, for the average wage slave, super is still the best tax dodge going round.

Second, you’re diversifying your nest egg ‒ most people end up retiring with too much home and not enough super.

Third, it puts your retirement savings program on autopilot. The current compulsory employer contribution of 9.5 per cent isn’t enough ‒ you need 15 per cent if you want to spend your golden years swilling sangria in Spain rather than necking a stubby in Shepparton.

Finally, if you follow the Barefoot Steps, you’ll use your ‘fire extinguisher’ account to eventually hose down your home loan quicker (Step 7), which will have you livin’ La Vida Loca sooner.

Thank-you for reading.