All My Eggs in One Basket


Hi Barefoot,

Following your recent post about expensive super funds, I had an appointment with a financial advisor at First State Super, where my fund is held. After doing a ‘risk report’ on me, the advisor suggested I essentially ‘put all my eggs in one basket’ by investing 100% in high growth. I am in my mid-thirties with a hubby and three kids under five. My question to you is: would you put all your eggs in one basket?


Scott's Answer

Hi Emma,

I actually think this is good advice.

I’ve said the same thing in my book: young people should be in high-growth super offerings.

I took a look at First State’s High Growth Option, and it has:

30% invested in Aussie shares (think CommBank, CSL, Woolies and a couple of hundred other companies)
37% invested in international shares (think Facebook, Apple, Nike and over a thousand other companies)
30% invested in unlisted assets (like the Sydney Convention Centre and various hospitals and other large projects)
3% in cash.

So, while it’s true that you’re investing in growth assets, it’s not like you’re putting all your eggs in one investment.

Emma, you have at least 30 years before you can access your super — that’s more than enough time to ride out the temporary dips of the share market. In fact, the biggest risk you face is not having your money in high-growth investments at all.