Barefoot’s Money Movement

Do you want me to come to your school … and teach your kids about money?

Well, if you’re a teacher, a parent or a principal, this may be the most important column of mine you’ve ever read.

For years I’ve been saying this country needs a financial revolution … and that it needs to start with our kids.

Kids spend roughly 2,400 days in school, yet not one of them is mandatorily dedicated to learning the practical money skills they’ll be tested on every day of their lives.

Most of us didn’t get taught this stuff either, and instead we learned our lessons the hard way. (And many of us are still learning … given Australian families are shouldering some of the highest rates of household debt in the world.)

Our kids deserve better.

So let me tell you about my latest project, which I’m kicking off today:

‘Barefoot’s Money Movement’

My motto is: ‘Teach the Kids. Help the Parents. Change the Nation.’

And that’s exactly what I’m setting out to do.

I’ve created a brand-new school money education program for kids of all ages, based on my bestselling books.

It’s totally practical for the kids. It’s ‘plug and play’ for the teachers. And it’s mapped to the curriculum.

Oh, and it’s free, independent (no Dollarmites in sight), and totally not-for-profit.

Now my long-term goal is to roll the program out to every school in Australia. Yet to prove it works ‒ and to make it even better ‒ I’m going to pilot my classes in a small number of primary schools and high schools this year. This is a really big deal for me, and I’m going to work closely with each school I select.  

So if you’re a teacher, I really need your help.

To join the movement, go here:

And if you know a passionate teacher, please forward this email to them.

This is a grassroots movement, and I can’t do it without you.

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