You’re Wrong, Barefoot


Hi Scott

I love your Q&A column, but it’s very shortsighted of you to say “no-one ever regrets the kids they have”. I know many women who had children because they felt they HAD to. Having a child is one of the biggest gambles a woman can make, so please don’t reduce it to nothing just because, as a man, you don’t have to risk your health, body, future earnings and career to do so. I get that you are a family man, but please don’t go around spouting nonsense like this. You’re smarter than that.


Scott's Answer

Hi Linda,

The women who work for me (all mums) went crazy over your question — some for, some against.

I certainly wasn’t suggesting that having children is ‘nothing’. (My wife is currently in her third trimester, coming into a sweaty summer, and our two young boys have worked out there’s an intruder about to enter the house, so our life is anything but the Brady Bunch.)

All I said was “no one ever regrets the kids they have … only the ones they don’t”. And I think the vast majority of parents would agree with that … well, eventually.