Use Your In-Tuition


Dear Scott

You believe in people following their intuition (‘in-tuition’ or ‘inner teacher’), right? Well, I made the move from charity work to psychic work in 2011, and I keep having the same dilemma. People think it is greedy (if not evil) to charge for what I do! This has made me terrified to become successful, as I feel like I am wearing a bullseye on my chest. I can hardly sleep. What advice do you have for those who want to be spiritually AND financially rich?


Scott's Answer

Hi Mandy,

(I’m channelling my readers here and they’re like: “Bulldust, you made this up, Barefoot!” But, truthfully, there is no way I could concoct a question like this.)

All I can say, Mandy, is that you should be an Australian fund manager: they believe they are psychics (who can pick winning stocks and outperform the market, even though the evidence overwhelmingly suggests they cannot). Yet they have no problem charging people for their psychic stock-picking (even though their crystal balls are very cloudy).

All jokes aside, if you believe in your business, and people are prepared to pay you for your services, I don’t see a problem. Focus on the people who pay you, not the people who don’t. The idea that you have to choose between being spiritual and being rich is a concoction brought about by tightwads who just want something for nothing. It’s what you do with the money that counts.