Randy Andy



Today I called my bank to negotiate after seeing a special home loan rate advertised on their website. I followed your script and asked for the new rate. I was rebutted with “Sorry, that’s only for new customers”. When I replied with, “Well paint me red and call me Randy”, the operator laughed and said, “You’ve been reading Barefoot?”

Then he gave me the lower rate. You saved me over $1,000 a year in a two-minute phone call. Thanks, cobber!


Scott's Answer

Hi Andy,

That’s totally wild!

I was speaking to a banker the other day who said that his call centre staff know when they’ve got a Barefooter on the line, following my script to get a better deal. He also said that if they’re a good customer they’ll “more often than not get a discount”. That’s not because the bank staff are kind hearted, but because they’ve also read the book, and they know my next step. They know that that customer (if knocked back) will move to another bank and get a better deal.

Thanks for reading,