ProfitiX MetaTrader 5



How safe is ProfitiX MetaTrader 5? My husband has recently signed up for this trading site at a cost of $300. I am nervous about the site as the reviews are not that great. He gets calls every other day from a lady from ProfitiX, who always signs off by saying things like, “Why not put in $2000, or $10,000?” My husband, who is convinced it’s legitimate, even lets ProfitiX log in remotely to his computer (via TeamViewer). OMG!


Scott's Answer

Hi Jennifer,

I totally love the name. It sounds like one of my son’s Transformers: “ProfitiX MetaTrader 5, BLAST OFF!”

You can almost feel the testosterone dripping out of it, right?

Now this will get me in trouble (send complaints to, yet in my experience women tend to have a much better BS radar than men.

And, Jennifer, your radar is working well: this is a currency trading platform.

Having your husband trade complex, highly leveraged instruments like this would be like me giving my six-year-old the keys to the car and telling him to stick it in “D” and give it a fang.

And the fact that your husband allows strangers to log into his computer tells me he’s not a highly analytical trader.

You need to protect him from himself: please take the Transformer from the sandpit.