My Stealth Campervan



I am 48 and on a low wage. Do you know of any way I can get my super (about $30,000) out of the hands of my ‘park-and-pray’ financial advisor? So far my only options look like having medical bills for cancer, being unable to pay my mortgage, or setting up a self-managed super fund. I want to use my super to build an off-grid ‘stealth campervan’. Once I have this in place, I—can live very well below the poverty line!


Scott's Answer

Hi Eve,

Just when I thought I’d had every question, you pop up! I’ve had people want to take money out of super for lap band surgery, but never a stealth campervan. (If you were morbidly obese you could access your super, but then you may not fit into the campervan. But I digress.)

There are strict rules on accessing your super early, and none of them involve buying a campervan to live off-grid. However, $30k is a modest goal even for someone on a minimum wage, and you have 20 years to achieve it before you retire, and you’ll also be building up your super.

So I’d suggest you keep your super in a low cost fund … and start saving!