Is Dollarmites Done For?


Hi Scott,

I read in the news this week that ASIC are finally launching a review into school banking — maybe it has something to do with that book of yours! What is your view on this? Do you think this could get the banks out of our schools, or is it still too early to get our hopes up?


Scott's Answer

Hi Ethan,

Here’s what I hope the ASIC review will discuss:

The Commonwealth Bank’s school banking program has, according to their website ‘been teaching generations of young Australians the importance of saving and lifelong money skills since 1931’.

So let me ask you this:

If what they did worked, why do we currently have record household debt, and low savings?

How did we end up with the horrors of the Banking Royal Commission (where Commbank received a gold medal for charging fees for no service to dead customers, ripping off millions of dollars of retirees’ money)?

And why are school leavers the most financially illiterate of all Aussies, according to ASIC research?

The answer, I believe, is that up till now many schools haven’t given financial education the emphasis it really deserves — possibly because they wrongly assume that Commbank is taking care of it.

The best outcome from this ASIC review would be that schools finally understand that financial education is a core life skill, that is far too important to be outsourced to a bank that pays millions of dollars to market to our kids.

Thanks for reading,