Honouring My Friend


Dear Scott,

I recently lost a dear friend due to a sudden cardiac arrest at the age of just 29. She was financially independent and had learnt to be smart with her money. I remember seeing her two orange ING cards and asking her about it. She put me onto your book, and since reading it I have been financially better off and have started saving for a 20% house deposit with my partner. I wanted to say thanks to you, and also I wanted to say I am so proud of my friend. Keep on educating, Scott!


Scott's Answer

Hi Rachel,

I am sorry for your loss.

But what a great gift your friend left you with: a more confident financial life.

When I went to Brazil recently to look at financial education in poor areas, they spoke about it as being a multiplier:

You learn it, then you share it, and it quickly has a cascading effect across the entire community.

So, honour your friend by passing on the lessons you’ve learnt to someone else you love.

That’s a legacy I’m sure she would have been proud of.