Barefoot Business


Hey Scott,

I do not have a question … more of a suggestion. I am a 29-year-old, self-employed electrician and I just finished reading The Barefoot Investor. Great book! Down to earth and no ‘BS’ like you get in most money books. I would love you to write another book aimed at people who are self-employed, showing them how to manage their money. Nearly all the books I can find on this subject are 1) hard to read, 2) full of big words, and 3) wanky. Any chance?



Scott's Answer

Hi Ben,

Truth be told, I only chose your question so I could ‘humblebrag’.

To the amazement of my publisher (and the entire publishing industry, I’m told), my little finance book has been the number one bestselling book for the seventh week in a row.

Finance books are supposed to be seen and not heard (or read). What the industry doesn’t know is that it’s people who read this column who are buying it by the bucketload for their family and friends. So to all of you who have supported me, humbly I say thank you.

And to answer your question, Ben, the Barefoot Steps that my book is built around work just as well for a self-employed person or small business person as an employee. Common sense never goes out of fashion!