Forget iPhone X, I’m Getting This Instead …

My iPhone is basically my office — it’s where I do business.

In contrast, we got a ‘burner’ phone for my 60-something farmhand Archie … this is not where he does business.

He often shoots me blank text messages, and when he does work out how to reply it’s often IN. FULL. CAPS:

Now unless you’ve been labouring away in a paddock in Romsey, you’d know why I’m telling you this.

Last week, Apple had a big event, where they announced a few of their newest gadgets.

I dutifully got up early and watched it, and in the process saw why Apple is the most valuable company in the world (and on track to becoming the first trillion-dollar company — for reference the entire ASX 200 is valued at $1.3 trillion).`

It droned on for two bloody hours … though you wouldn’t know it by looking at the nerds in the crowd, who were absolutely losing their Samsungs at all the new — and insanely expensive — kit!


How many more pixels do you need till your life is complete?

Does the slither of extra screen around the edges justify an $1,829 price tag for the top-of-the-line iPhone X?

Or maybe it’s that you can use Apple’s (slightly creepy) face-scanning feature to turn yourself into a poop emoji?

Why am I ending every line with a question mark?

However, there was one product that I think could be the next big thing: the latest Apple Watch.

The new version has its own SIM card, which means you won’t even need to lug your iPhone around.

Hell, I’m thinking of buying one.

I’m a big user of Apple Pay, via my ING account, and I like the idea of using my watch for purchases, without my wallet or phone (or shoes). Even better, the watch takes calls, right on your wrist, just like Dick Tracy (ask your parents).

I’m even thinking about getting one for Archie … it’s even waterproof, which will help when it’s calving season.