The 3 Smart Gifts I’m Giving this Christmas for Under $30

Christmas shopping sucks, right?

Not for me.

Years ago, I cracked the Christmas shopping code: buy people books.

They’re the ultimate present, they cost under $30, they don’t need a separate card (I simply scribble a Merry Christmas message on the inside cover), and my local bookstore will even gift wrap them for me.

Job done!

Here are the books I’ve got in my Santa sack this year:

How to Get Rich

Felix Dennis started out with nothing and rose to become one of the wealthiest men in Britain. Then he died of cancer from smoking too many cigars. Several years before sucking his last stogie, he sat down in one of the most expensive homes in Europe and wrote How to Get Rich. It’s vulgar, manic, cutthroat, and one of the most brutally honest accounts of what it really takes to build a fortune. And what you have to give up to do it …

Raising Boys

Okay, so this one doesn’t have much to do with finance, but I’ve got two boys … and a baby is due in a few weeks (and no, we haven’t googled what we’re having). Anyway, there’s a reason that Steve Biddulph’s Raising Boys has sold over a million copies, and that’s because boys are crazy and we parents need all the help we can get. This book navigates you through the testosterone-charged challenge of growing great boys. It’s helped me a lot.

I’ve Got This!

And last, you guessed it, I’ll be giving away my own book: The Barefoot Investor: The Only Money Guide You’ll Ever Need. (Side note: at, my publisher is running a little promo where they’re offering $5,000 in Mojo to one person who gifts the book in December.) I estimate that 80% of the sales so far have been from people gifting it to their family and friends. Why? Because the Barefoot Steps work, and they keep you safe. And that’s a pretty cool Christmas present to give, right?

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