Resources for
The Barefoot Investor
for Families

The Barefoot Scoreboard

Forget complex chore charts with 94 things to do. The Barefoot Scorecard helps make pocket money simple … and helps link the value of money to hard work in your child’s mind. And it only takes three minutes a week!
Download it here

Zero to Hero Resume

Help your teen whip up an amazing resume in just one evening — even if they have zero experience. The Zero to Hero Resume helps your teen land their first job by doubling as a great resume and a handy ‘cheat sheet’ for my ‘Open Book Interview’ strategy (p175).
Download it here

Fearless Folder Checklist

The Barefoot Investor for Families closes with the final way to keep your family safe: the Fearless Folder (p242). It gives you and your family peace of mind that even if the worst happens to you, they’ll know exactly what to do.
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