Why are you wearing Mummy’s makeup?

Writing a book is a weird experience.

I’ve spent months holed up on the farm, tapping away on my lonesome.

Yet this week couldn’t have been more different … ‘Lights! Camera! Action!’

Yes, I’ve been on the dog and pony show promoting my new book, The Barefoot Investor For Families.

I’ve spent the week spruiking my book on radio and television … generally being interviewed by people who hadn’t read it, weren’t likely to, and often asked the exact same questions.

Then last night I came home to an awkward question from my son:

“Dad … are you wearing Mummy’s makeup?”, asked my five-year-old.

“It’s for the TV, cobber.”

(Some fathers wear hi-vis and steel-capped boots to work … I wear powder and lip balm.)

Yet what got me through the week was the Barefoot community.

You guys have been sending me awesome pictures of your kids, bringing the book to life and creating new family rituals. Please keep sending them through (scott@barefootinvestor.com) ‒ they absolutely make my day.

So it’s only right that I answer your questions about the new book in my column this week.

Now let’s get into it (after I powder my nose).

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