What Motivates Me

When I was younger, I was motivated by trying to attract women (largely unsuccessfully, but that’s another story).

That was a long time ago.

These days, I’m a dad, and my motivations have changed. It does have an upside though, I now get to wear the same jumper and chino combo most days (it’s my dad uniform), and I couldn’t care less if women looked at me … and they still don’t!

As a Dad, the thing that really motivates me now is being a hero to my kids.
(My wife? Well, the polish has worn off me, but, like a comfy pair of boots, she keeps me around.)

And let me tell you, it’s hard work impressing my boys.

Take this week, when I proudly announced:

Barefoot: “Today I’m meeting the most important man in the country!”

Four year old: “Donald Trump?”

Barefoot: “No … the Prime Minister of Australia!”

Four year old: “Does he know Jimmy Giggle?” (The ABC Kids host).

Barefoot: “No, I don’t think so … ”

Every DIK (Dad I Know) is motivated at a deep level to be a hero to their kids. (Of course, the only one who really nails it is Jimmy Giggle … he’s got it all sorted out.)

The thing fatherhood has taught me is that deep down your kids aren’t impressed with what car you drive, or the suburb you live in, or the clothes you wear, or even the fancy-pants people you get to meet in your job — all they really care about is spending time with their hero.

Pediatrician Meg Meeker, in her book Strong Fathers, says that if dads could look at themselves through the eyes of their kids — and see just how big and important and powerful they are to them — that’s all the status they’d ever need.

And to celebrate Father’s Day, this week’s questions are dedicated to dads …

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