The 4 cheapest home loans on the market in June

Why NAB Employees Read My Book

The other day I got this email from Trevor:

“Catching the city-bound Frankston train this morning, I had to chuckle at a NAB employee reading The Barefoot Investor. I wonder if it’s part of NAB’s mandatory training?”

What Trev is referring to is a script in my book that I call the “$22,064 phone call”, which gives you the exact words to say to get a cheaper rate from your bank.

Yet with 1.6 million copies sold, it’s now a well-worn script!

You can almost picture the bank’s call centre staff gnashing their teeth when they realise they’ve got a Barefooter on the line. They instantly know exactly what the customer wants … and how the call will end if they don’t get it.

Last week I spoke about getting rogered by your bank, as they sneakily cut their savings rates in the month before the Reserve Bank dropped its rates.

Well, on the other side of the bank’s ledger, things are getting cray cray, in a good way.

Example: NAB-backed UBank is offering a one-year fixed rate at 2.99%.

Smoking rate, right?

Sure, right now. But a year is a long time in Reserve Banking ‒ and this week they’ve indicated another cut (or two) is on the cards.

That’s why I recommend staying variable, and screwing down the cheapest rate you can.

So what are the best deals right now?

According to my fiercely independent research, the cheapest variable mortgage is Reduce Home Loans at 3.09% (or 3.19% with an offset account). Reduce Home Loans, by the way, is actually a white-labelled (rebadged) loan from the Bendigo Bank.

(Let’s spare a thought for Bendigo’s head of marketing, who just spat out his morning coffee at having this revealed in the paper.)

Other cheapies are financial tech outfits TicToc at 3.27%, at 3.28%, and Athena at 3.34%.

These rates are generally only for eligible borrowers. (Think of it like striking up a conversation with a hottie at a bar. Unless you’re a good catch ‒ more than a 20% deposit or equity, a stable job and all your teeth ‒ they won’t even look at you.)

Still, home loan rates are at the lowest levels in history, and competition for borrowers is cutthroat.

Bottom line?

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get the banker off your back.

So please do me a favour. Take out your phone. As in right now. Go on. Ask Siri to remind you to call your bank this week. Borrow my book from the library, and use my original well-worn script. Then, after you’re done, email me ( and tell me how much you saved.

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