What a 90-year-old gardener taught me about real wealth

I’ve spoken to a lot of amazing people over the 12 years I’ve written this column, but the two hours I spent with legendary ABC broadcaster and garden guru Peter Cundall proved to be one of the most thought-provoking discussions of my life.

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Johnny Depp Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Grab some popcorn. Dim the lights. Settle back in your easy chair. Today we’re going to watch one of the world’s top actors, Johnny Depp, in his most challenging role yet. The story starts in 2010 when Depp reportedly walked...

Family and legacy

The 10 Million Dollar Question:Kidults and Money

I must have sat through hundreds of investment lectures in my lifetime - but there’s only one that literally made my jaw drop. Let me tell you about it. It happened a few weeks ago in Omaha, at a talk that featured Warren Buffett’s only daughter, Susie, answering questions from the audience. A young Asian kid put up his hand and asked, “What would you do if your father had given you $10 million on your eighteenth birthday?”


Two Weeks In The US

I walk past a line-up of well-to-do, middle-aged women, decked out in puffy coats and Gucci handbags -- camping out on the sidewalk. They’ve been here all night in the freezing cold, lining up to secure the best seats. It’s worth it. By the time the sun rises, the line behind them will stretch literally as far as the eye can see.

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Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30

Join Scott Pape (coming to you from Omaha, Nebraska) and the Triple M Hot Breakfast crew as they discuss all things Buffett… listen to ‘Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30’ on audioBoom

Family and legacy

The Life-Changing Power of Rituals

He woke up at 3am screaming his lungs out. He continued sobbing, on and off, till the sun came up. He giggled over breakfast as he used his bowl as a hat, tipping yoghurt over his bald noggin. The past 12 months...


5 Reasons NOT to go to Uni

Now as a graduate myself, I've got nothing against university, but it's not the only option. To prove it, here are five powerful, productive and profitable alternatives.


Bravo Barefooter!

Today, I thought I’d share with you the true story of a Barefooter hero named ‘James’ (I changed his name because he’s too proud to be singled out), who five years ago was an average twentysomething with no special skills, qualifications or cash.


Add to (Your Wealth) Cart

As people grow more comfortable with 'add to shopping cart' – this will hurt capital-intensive ‘brick-based’ businesses. Online success stories will follow.