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What Donald Trump means for your money

My wife is a television producer so you’d expect her to have a refined viewing pallette. Not so. She watches The Bachelorette, the Real Housewives of Bendigo, and any program where everyday Aussies commentate on their own cooking: “I just...

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How to turn $1 into $930,550

Peter was in strife with his wife. I knew this because she emailed me for advice using the headline ‘My Husband Is an Idiot’. A few years ago, Peter, in his mid-forties, opened a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with his wife, and invested the lot in gold. Today they’ve lost about $35,000, and his wife -- a nurse, who dutifully transferred out of a low-cost industry fund -- is livid.

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Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30

Join Scott Pape (coming to you from Omaha, Nebraska) and the Triple M Hot Breakfast crew as they discuss all things Buffett… listen to ‘Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30’ on audioBoom


Philanthropy at It’s Finest

It's only human to be a little green with envy about the lucky hand they've been dealt, but in many cases it takes away more than it gives.