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What Donald Trump means for your money

My wife is a television producer so you’d expect her to have a refined viewing pallette. Not so. She watches The Bachelorette, the Real Housewives of Bendigo, and any program where everyday Aussies commentate on their own cooking: “I just knew I’d be going home when my caramel soufflé refused...

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Today, I’m going to explain how you can make a lot of money

Were you “greedy when other people were fearful” (as Warren Buffett would say) when the market tanked this week? If you managed to scoop up some bargains you were no doubt patting yourself on the back for the rest of the week as Wall Street staged one of its strongest...

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How to turn $1 into $930,550

Peter was in strife with his wife. I knew this because she emailed me for advice using the headline ‘My Husband Is an Idiot’. A few years ago, Peter, in his mid-forties, opened a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with his wife, and invested the lot in gold. Today they’ve lost about $35,000, and his wife -- a nurse, who dutifully transferred out of a low-cost industry fund -- is livid.

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Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30

Join Scott Pape (coming to you from Omaha, Nebraska) and the Triple M Hot Breakfast crew as they discuss all things Buffett… listen to ‘Scott Pape on Triple M – April 30’ on audioBoom


Philanthropy at It’s Finest

It's only human to be a little green with envy about the lucky hand they've been dealt, but in many cases it takes away more than it gives.