Kids and money

Chances are you had one of these accounts…and you got screwed

If you answered, ‘the Commonwealth Bank’, you’re as dinky-di as drinking from a bubbler on a hot summer’s day. The CBA’s School Banking Program, known as Dollarmites, is an institution that has been around for over 80 years, and it’s currently in more than 2,500 primary schools across the country. Yet what you probably didn’t realise is just how cutthroat it is for the bank to get into your classroom.


The Secret Scammers

Oprah has joined millions around the world in getting behind the Secret. But, do you want to know the real Secret - it's a scam.

Financial Planners

Swifty Scams 101

We've got a guest writer this week at Barefoot and he's been pulling scams since before the Nigerians thought to send their first letter.