Money and relationships

If you earn over $30k you need to read this

It hit me this week. After spending the last 18 months planning, designing, and building, we’ve finally settled into our ‘dream home’. And let me tell you it feels…‘okay’. I mean it’s a nice house, but it’s not like I...

Family and legacy

The financial advice I give AFL footballers (and why most of them hate it)

Given it’s the business end of the footy season, today I’m going to walk you through the financial advice I give to AFL players. It’s a little different from what they normally get. After all, experience has taught me that there’s no point in kissing their Sherrins -- god knows they have enough people doing that already.

Family and legacy

The Life-Changing Power of Rituals

He woke up at 3am screaming his lungs out. He continued sobbing, on and off, till the sun came up. He giggled over breakfast as he used his bowl as a hat, tipping yoghurt over his bald noggin. The past 12 months...


Bravo Barefooter!

Today, I thought I’d share with you the true story of a Barefooter hero named ‘James’ (I changed his name because he’s too proud to be singled out), who five years ago was an average twentysomething with no special skills, qualifications or cash.

Family and legacy

Wedding Bills

Having a wedding is a wonderfully special occasion that you only do once (or twice) in your life. So here are my three top tips for cutting costs.

Buying a car

How Much is Your Car Costing You?

The new-car smell has become a pheromone for many a consumer fantasy - but the debt-laden reality is a lot less sexy. Here's the truth about the cost of your car.