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How to ruin your financial life

He didn’t even introduce himself. An old bloke just walked straight up to me, poked his knobbly old index finger into my ribs, leaned in, and said: “They don’t listen to you, do they!” “Huh?” I replied, cowering like a...

Money and relationships

Barefoot, should I call off my wedding?

My column last week — why engagement rings are a scam (and why you’ll buy one anyway) — went off like a drunk uncle on the dance floor. I was flooded with emails. Perhaps it’s because we’re in the peak...

Family and legacy

Why Won’t He Marry Me?

I’ve had a convicted murderer ask me for share tips from jail. I’ve had a wife ask me about life insurance payouts (while they were still married, and he was still alive). I’ve even had a few first division TattsLotto...

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Cheaters Anonymous

Mothers. Fathers. Husbands. Wives. Every one of them betrayed. Yes, as we’ve learned this week, 37 million members of the world’s second largest dating website, Ashley Madison (catch-cry “Life is short. Have an Affair”), have had their personal details hacked....

Money and relationships

My Year of Spending Dangerously

Last year our family home burned to the ground, with everything still inside it. This week, after 488 (often sleepless) nights, we are finally back on the farm. In fact I’m typing this from my brand-spanking new deck, overlooking the dam. It’s our slice of heaven — but we had to go through hell to get it. So let me tell you about those 488 days, and the things we learned along the way….

Family and legacy

The 10 Million Dollar Question:Kidults and Money

I must have sat through hundreds of investment lectures in my lifetime - but there’s only one that literally made my jaw drop. Let me tell you about it. It happened a few weeks ago in Omaha, at a talk that featured Warren Buffett’s only daughter, Susie, answering questions from the audience. A young Asian kid put up his hand and asked, “What would you do if your father had given you $10 million on your eighteenth birthday?”

Money and relationships

Switch Off.

Tuesday, 5pm, bath time. I’m going toe to toe with my toddler Louie, and losing. Badly. “Oh come on! You brush your teeth for your mother every single night! If she comes in here and finds you haven’t done your teeth, we’re both in trouble.” But it was no use. The more I pleaded, the tighter he gritted his teeth. I knew what he wanted.

Family and legacy

The Five Biggest Regrets of Dying People

I’ve teared up twice since we lost our family home in the bushfires three months ago. The first was when I was reunited with my wife and son — but really, they were tears of relief. (In our makeshift rented home we...

Family and legacy

The Day I Lost Everything

We lost everything. Three words that gets to the guts of it. It took a few days to process, but now the enormity of what has just happened to my family has finally sunk in — I’ve shut down and all but...