Buying your first home

Here’s a Shout Out to All the Renters

I froze. Live on television. The sweat welled up my back, and in my ears, making the voice coming from my plastic earpiece crackle. “Scott … What do you have to say to the caller?” Thankfully this moment happened at the start of my career. And thankfully it happened on...

Buying your first home

Real Estate Mistakes

A couple of years ago I hosted a 13-week prime time television show. Don’t remember it? There’s a reason for that … it was axed after the second episode. I found out about its premature death via a text message (!) from the network. It started out promising — “We...

Would you invest in … whisky?

I often write about investments that sound too good to be true. There’s a reason for this: people continually ask me about investments that sound too good to be true. So this week, just for kicks, I thought I’d revisit a couple of stories … a sort of financial catastrophe...

Buying your first home

Meet the pizza boy with 14 properties

“Former Domino’s pizza delivery boy who earned $10 an hour owns 14 renovated properties and is now semi-retired at the age of 28 (and he says you can do it too)” read the headline this week. And all the renters groaned. Okay, so paint me purple and call me Dorothy...

Investing (property)

When will the housing market crash?

Donald Trump reminds me of the bullies who teased me at school. Anyone who stands up to him gets a put-down: ‘Crooked Hillary’, ‘Little Marco’, ‘Low Energy Ted’. His aim is to get everyone laughing at them, just like in a classroom. And like all bullies, he only wins by...

Investing (property)

The Forty Thousand Dollar Phone Call

“NOW it’s mortgage brokers facing digital disruption in the third wave of property finance.” I read that headline earlier this week in much the same way that my three-year-old reads his bedtime stories. By guessing. “Mortgage brokers facing digital disruption” … hmmm, OK, so maybe it’s like Uber for home...

Investing (property)

Send in the Clowns

What the hell is going on? Our normally very reserved Reserve Bank chief, Glenn Stevens, this week broke ranks and said that Sydney property prices were “cray-cray and not in a good way”. Okay, so what he actually said was that Sydney property prices were “crazy”, but make no mistake: this is coming from a man whose words ricochet around the world, often wiping billions of dollars from global currency trades. So them’s fighting words.