Buying your first home

An open letter to the young people of Australia

There is hope. If you believe that your only chance of getting a leg up in the property market is by buying a dog box in Dubbo, I’ve got great news for you. If you’re tired of being beaten at auctions by cashed up baby boomers, who constantly outbid you with their abundant equity, their negative gearing, and their Self Managed Super Funds -- I’m going to show you how to get one up on them.

Getting out of debt

The Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Home Loans that I recommend

It was a corker of a deal. In 2012 the Labor Government, fresh from ballsing up GroceryWatch, FuelWatch and RuddWatch, announced they were putting the screws on the Big Four banks. It was pure political gold: Australians get slugged with some of the highest bank fees in the world, and we’re as mad as hell about it. Or at least A Current Affair is, as told through the eyes of some angry old bird they always seem to find walking out of a Westpac in Western Sydney.