Two Weeks In The US

I walk past a line-up of well-to-do, middle-aged women, decked out in puffy coats and Gucci handbags -- camping out on the sidewalk. They’ve been here all night in the freezing cold, lining up to secure the best seats. It’s worth it. By the time the sun rises, the line behind them will stretch literally as far as the eye can see.


Parachute A Comfortable Landing

Like a high school nerd trying to score a date to the dance, being rejected 150 times is God’s way of telling you that you need a new plan.


Bravo Barefooter!

Today, I thought I’d share with you the true story of a Barefooter hero named ‘James’ (I changed his name because he’s too proud to be singled out), who five years ago was an average twentysomething with no special skills, qualifications or cash.

Family and legacy

Wedding Bills

Having a wedding is a wonderfully special occasion that you only do once (or twice) in your life. So here are my three top tips for cutting costs.