Investing (shares)

How to turn $1 into $930,550

Peter was in strife with his wife. I knew this because she emailed me for advice using the headline ‘My Husband Is an Idiot’. A few years ago, Peter, in his mid-forties, opened a Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) with his wife, and invested the lot in gold. Today they’ve lost about $35,000, and his wife -- a nurse, who dutifully transferred out of a low-cost industry fund -- is livid.

Family and legacy

The 10 Million Dollar Question:Kidults and Money

I must have sat through hundreds of investment lectures in my lifetime - but there’s only one that literally made my jaw drop. Let me tell you about it. It happened a few weeks ago in Omaha, at a talk that featured Warren Buffett’s only daughter, Susie, answering questions from the audience. A young Asian kid put up his hand and asked, “What would you do if your father had given you $10 million on your eighteenth birthday?”


Pie In the Sky

A few years ago, just after Peter got married, he decided that if he was ever going to get ahead, he needed to “have a crack” at being his own boss. Today he works 18 hours a day, darting from one store to the other trying to keep things afloat. He’s tired, stressed and fearful about the future for his wife and newborn son.


An Amazonian Impact on the Retail Sector

According to reports in the press this week, Amazon is looking to set up shop in Australia – or, more accurately, to build a huge warehouse distribution center here. The impacts here will be big...


Bravo Barefooter!

Today, I thought I’d share with you the true story of a Barefooter hero named ‘James’ (I changed his name because he’s too proud to be singled out), who five years ago was an average twentysomething with no special skills, qualifications or cash.


Toes Up or Toes Down for Westfield?

We all know a story about a European immigrant who worked hard, bought property, and ended up rich, right? Well let me tell you about a couple of guys who became billionaires...


Kicking Goals After Football

I’ve decided to look at two football veterans (from both grand final clubs) who have kicked major financial goals.


Hanging Out With Sir Richard Branson

In the midst of rejections for my radio show, I put in a call to Sir Richard Branson's people. They said yes, here's the interview.


The Nicholas Bolton Story

Last year a young bloke named Nicholas Bolton bought 47 million shares in BrisConnections... and managed to turn a trick that would set him up for life.