Investing (property)

When will the housing market crash?

Donald Trump reminds me of the bullies who teased me at school. Anyone who stands up to him gets a put-down: ‘Crooked Hillary’, ‘Little Marco’, ‘Low Energy Ted’. His aim is to get everyone laughing at them, just like in a classroom. And like all bullies, he only wins by...


Why Your Bank is Lying to You

Malcolm, I feel for you, brother. On Wednesday, after the banks behaved like brats by not passing on all of the Reserve Bank’s rate cut, the Prime Minister held a press conference. He said — essentially word for word — the same things I say to my toddler each night...

Investing (property)

Send in the Clowns

What the hell is going on? Our normally very reserved Reserve Bank chief, Glenn Stevens, this week broke ranks and said that Sydney property prices were “cray-cray and not in a good way”. Okay, so what he actually said was that Sydney property prices were “crazy”, but make no mistake: this is coming from a man whose words ricochet around the world, often wiping billions of dollars from global currency trades. So them’s fighting words.