Buying your first home

Real Estate Mistakes

A couple of years ago I hosted a 13-week prime time television show. Don’t remember it? There’s a reason for that … it was axed after the second episode. I found out about its premature death via a text message (!) from the network. It started out promising — “We...

Buying your first home

Meet the pizza boy with 14 properties

“Former Domino’s pizza delivery boy who earned $10 an hour owns 14 renovated properties and is now semi-retired at the age of 28 (and he says you can do it too)” read the headline this week. And all the renters groaned. Okay, so paint me purple and call me Dorothy...

Investing (property)

The Forty Thousand Dollar Phone Call

“NOW it’s mortgage brokers facing digital disruption in the third wave of property finance.” I read that headline earlier this week in much the same way that my three-year-old reads his bedtime stories. By guessing. “Mortgage brokers facing digital disruption” … hmmm, OK, so maybe it’s like Uber for home...

Investing (property)

Are we in a housing bubble?

Are prices going to crash by as much as 50 per cent, as some experts predicted in the news this week? Will the government have the ticker to change the negative gearing rules? Well, to answer these questions, and offer some views on livestock, this week I caught up with...

I Was Wrong

Today, I’m eating humble pie. I have to confess to you, dear reader, that a key ‘plank’ of the advice that I have written about for over a decade is, well, wrong. And it took a lovely couple to show me the error of my ways. For years, this young...

Buying your first home

A Shout out to all the Renters

I was born dangerously close to the VFL Grand Final. So when my mum brought me home for the first time, she was greeted by my dad and his mates (including the doctor who delivered me) drinking frothies and watching the game in the loungeroom. A generation later, things have...

Buying your first home

An open letter to the young people of Australia

There is hope. If you believe that your only chance of getting a leg up in the property market is by buying a dog box in Dubbo, I’ve got great news for you. If you’re tired of being beaten at auctions by cashed up baby boomers, who constantly outbid you with their abundant equity, their negative gearing, and their Self Managed Super Funds -- I’m going to show you how to get one up on them.