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Johnny Depp Did a Bad, Bad Thing

Grab some popcorn. Dim the lights. Settle back in your easy chair. Today we’re going to watch one of the world’s top actors, Johnny Depp, in his most challenging role yet. The story starts in 2010 when Depp reportedly walked off the set of the movie Black Mass when the...

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Consider Yourself Warned…

Oh dear. It happens every now and again. A handwritten letter hits my desk. It’s written in beautiful cursive script -- a skill from a bygone era, like sewing, or customer service. “In good faith we invested our life savings with the advice of a Bendigo Bank financial advisor”, it begins. (And with a lead-in like this, I know the next line isn’t going to be: “and thanks to his independent advice, we’ve solidly outperformed the stock market”).

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So A Drunk Walked Up to Me in a Bar….

“You could be worth a fortune. We should be in business together,” a bloke with a big, bulbous nose and a sloping belt said to me. He looked like a red wine-soaked Rudolph the reindeer. Funny thing was I’d never met him before. He just bowled straight up and began...

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You’re Smarter Than You Think

Alexandra wasn't dealing with a conman: the guy worked for a well-known financial institution, he charged fees for his service (instead of commissions), and he had a picture of his kids on his desk.

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The Finanicial Planner Shake Up

Right now there are lobbyists frantically running around Canberra. What’s playing out behind the scenes is one of the biggest shakeups of one of the biggest industries in the country.

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Your Finanical Entourage

This week I did some handy man work... and learned my lesson on the danger of DIY. Which got me thinking about the financial adviser you really do need.

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Swifty Scams 101

We've got a guest writer this week at Barefoot and he's been pulling scams since before the Nigerians thought to send their first letter.

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Sexy Finance

This week financial planning met Sexpo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre - and the two professions had a lot more in common than I'd expected.

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Finding Mr (or Miss)  Right

When it comes to financial advice, you need to know what you are paying for. Here's how to ensure the planner you jump into bed with doesn't end up ripping you off.