Building a business

The Real Secrets of Success

Do you know the biggest lesson I’ve learned from answering thousands of people’s questions? Most people ask the wrong question. They frame it like it’s black or white. Cut and dried. A hopeless situation with no way out. (Whether it’s...

Kids and money

The power of one good teacher…

“I was never cool in school, I’m sure you don’t remember me ...” That’s not only the opening line to one of my favourite songs, it also nicely sums up my 13 years of schooling. The fact is, it’s only old codgers (north of 30) who believe that school is the best time of your life. Everyone else knows it sucks.

How to earn three times the interest on your savings

You’re earning how much? I asked, eyebrows raised, head cocked to the side. “Well, I’m earning three times what you’re getting on your piddly UBank USaver, bucko”, said Craig, a fifty-something executive I met this week. Craig wasn’t investing in shares. He wasn’t investing in property. He was investing in -- get this -- credit cards. But Craig isn’t a hacker -- though he is using the latest technology, ‘Peer to Peer’ lending. (Which is pretty boring, so I call it ‘Dude to Dude’ lending.) How does it work?


Adjusting To A Brave New World….

Driven by Fear The ongoing asylum seeker issue and Ford’s decision to sack 440 workers have been the two major stories in the media last week. Both matters are highly political – and at their core both are driven by...


Spice Of Life

I’m always on the lookout for smart ways to teach young people the life-changing lessons of financial education. A little while ago I learned about a father and son team who had got into the hot spices game – and...


Toes Up or Toes Down for Westfield?

We all know a story about a European immigrant who worked hard, bought property, and ended up rich, right? Well let me tell you about a couple of guys who became billionaires...


Hanging Out With Sir Richard Branson

In the midst of rejections for my radio show, I put in a call to Sir Richard Branson's people. They said yes, here's the interview.


The Nicholas Bolton Story

Last year a young bloke named Nicholas Bolton bought 47 million shares in BrisConnections... and managed to turn a trick that would set him up for life.


Five Must Reads on the Road to Success

A few years back, I caught up for coffee with a book publisher who was intent on publishing my next book - a guide to "Get Rich". I shot him down.