The fine print on Apple’s new credit card

Sir Richard Branson leaned across the table, smiled, and winked at me. “It’s pretty sexy, right?” In his hand was a credit card ‒ a Virgin credit card ‒ with an aesthetically revolutionary ‘clipped corner’. That boozy night happened, from...

Getting out of debt

Why Afterpay is the marijuana of credit

I think of Afterpay as the financial equivalent of marijuana. Young people absolutely love it, and old people are doing a lot of finger-waving about the dangers of getting hooked on the newest financial drug to hit the streets. This...

Getting out of debt

Rich Girl Loses it All

This week we’re going to do something a little different. See, right now, the newspapers are full of the tragedy. It’s desperately sad and heartbreaking and futile all at the same time: but the fact is, none of us can...

Money Management

How a Single Mother Made $17,000 in 7 days

I’m not proud of what I did this week. I used my position in the media to blackmail a man. (And it worked.) What follows is the true story of how I made a single mother $17,000 in 24 hours....

Money Management

The Power of a Simple Plan

A couple of years ago my wife dragged me along to the opening of an art exhibition. Dutifully, I stood there with a glass of bubbly in one hand and a quizzical look in the other. I felt as out...


Why Your Bank is Lying to You

Malcolm, I feel for you, brother. On Wednesday, after the banks behaved like brats by not passing on all of the Reserve Bank’s rate cut, the Prime Minister held a press conference. He said — essentially word for word —...

Getting out of debt

Set Yourself Free From Credit Cards

Let me tell you about my radio interview from hell. At the start of each year I do about twenty back-to-back interviews on financial resolutions for the new year. It’s meat and potatoes sort of stuff that I’ve been doing...

Buying your first home

A Shout out to all the Renters

I was born dangerously close to the VFL Grand Final. So when my mum brought me home for the first time, she was greeted by my dad and his mates (including the doctor who delivered me) drinking frothies and watching...

$327,000 in Credit Card Debt and Drowning

While all the talk this week has centered on raising the debt ceiling, the real issue is the debt, and in particular the out-of-control spending that has caused it.

Buying a car

The Baby Boomer Bank

While we all drive different cars, we’re all essentially trying to get to the same destination. Whether you know it or not, you’re on a road trip to wealth.