The fine print on Apple’s new credit card

Sir Richard Branson leaned across the table, smiled, and winked at me. “It’s pretty sexy, right?” In his hand was a credit card ‒ a Virgin credit card ‒ with an aesthetically revolutionary ‘clipped corner’. That boozy night happened, from...

Money Management

The man who made $54 million before lunch

Last Monday, I broke bread with a bloke who’d just made $54 million … before lunch. True dinks. His name is Anthony Eisen and he’s one of the founders of Afterpay. And he’s very, very rich. Yet a few years...

Money Management

Why are people stealing my book?

Every father wants to be a hero to his son. So, a few weeks back, I took my four-year-old to a bookstore to show him my bestseller. Only problem? I couldn’t find a single copy anywhere (not even in the...

Kids and money

Schools sell out their kids for cash

Let me give you a window into my Wednesdays …. Every Wednesday, I’m just one of the girls. That’s because I do the pick-up for my son at kindy. All the mothers come in wearing Lorna Jane activewear with their...


Barefoot’s Best Banking Deals

It looks increasingly like the Government doesn’t have the ticker to beat the banks. Well, bugger it, let’s have our own Royal Commission into banking misconduct. Let me grab my gavel and my girly wig. The Court is in session,...

Getting out of debt

Set Yourself Free From Credit Cards

Let me tell you about my radio interview from hell. At the start of each year I do about twenty back-to-back interviews on financial resolutions for the new year. It’s meat and potatoes sort of stuff that I’ve been doing...

How to earn three times the interest on your savings

You’re earning how much? I asked, eyebrows raised, head cocked to the side. “Well, I’m earning three times what you’re getting on your piddly UBank USaver, bucko”, said Craig, a fifty-something executive I met this week. Craig wasn’t investing in shares. He wasn’t investing in property. He was investing in -- get this -- credit cards. But Craig isn’t a hacker -- though he is using the latest technology, ‘Peer to Peer’ lending. (Which is pretty boring, so I call it ‘Dude to Dude’ lending.) How does it work?

Getting out of debt

The Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Home Loans that I recommend

It was a corker of a deal. In 2012 the Labor Government, fresh from ballsing up GroceryWatch, FuelWatch and RuddWatch, announced they were putting the screws on the Big Four banks. It was pure political gold: Australians get slugged with some of the highest bank fees in the world, and we’re as mad as hell about it. Or at least A Current Affair is, as told through the eyes of some angry old bird they always seem to find walking out of a Westpac in Western Sydney.

$327,000 in Credit Card Debt and Drowning

While all the talk this week has centered on raising the debt ceiling, the real issue is the debt, and in particular the out-of-control spending that has caused it.


After School Rules

I realised the best advice I could give my boozing bloke mates was the unvarnished rules of how to get ahead.


Financially Fashionable

As a young stockbroker at an A-list event I probably looked a walking cliche, but what I learnt among the fashionistas and the reality TV stars of the moment, is that looks are deceiving.