Family and legacy

How Much Does it Cost to Have a Baby?

About four years ago, my wife entered our living room waving a pregnancy stick above her head like she was Mitchell Johnson triumphantly screaming HOWZAT! at the umpire. “We’re pregnant!” she cheered. I was like a defiant Indian batsman disputing the inside edge. “Give me a look.” We both stared...

Kids and money

It’s Time For Some Tough Love

I get a lot of questions from grandparents wanting to know how to set their grandkids up. Here’s how not to do it. The Trust Fund Disaster Hi Scott, Our son died in 2006 leaving behind a one-year-old son and an insurance payment of $60,000. We put the money into...

Kids and money

The power of one good teacher…

“I was never cool in school, I’m sure you don’t remember me ...” That’s not only the opening line to one of my favourite songs, it also nicely sums up my 13 years of schooling. The fact is, it’s only old codgers (north of 30) who believe that school is the best time of your life. Everyone else knows it sucks.

Kids and money

Chances are you had one of these accounts…and you got screwed

If you answered, ‘the Commonwealth Bank’, you’re as dinky-di as drinking from a bubbler on a hot summer’s day. The CBA’s School Banking Program, known as Dollarmites, is an institution that has been around for over 80 years, and it’s currently in more than 2,500 primary schools across the country. Yet what you probably didn’t realise is just how cutthroat it is for the bank to get into your classroom.

Family and legacy

The 10 Million Dollar Question:Kidults and Money

I must have sat through hundreds of investment lectures in my lifetime - but there’s only one that literally made my jaw drop. Let me tell you about it. It happened a few weeks ago in Omaha, at a talk that featured Warren Buffett’s only daughter, Susie, answering questions from the audience. A young Asian kid put up his hand and asked, “What would you do if your father had given you $10 million on your eighteenth birthday?”

Money and relationships

Switch Off.

Tuesday, 5pm, bath time. I’m going toe to toe with my toddler Louie, and losing. Badly. “Oh come on! You brush your teeth for your mother every single night! If she comes in here and finds you haven’t done your teeth, we’re both in trouble.” But it was no use. The more I pleaded, the tighter he gritted his teeth. I knew what he wanted.


5 Reasons NOT to go to Uni

Now as a graduate myself, I've got nothing against university, but it's not the only option. To prove it, here are five powerful, productive and profitable alternatives.


Thank God I’m a Country Boy

A six-foot-three bloke in a pink dress, ferocious blonde wig, and high heels – clutching a handbag and a beer – greeted me as I walked through the doors of the local watering hole...


After School Rules

I realised the best advice I could give my boozing bloke mates was the unvarnished rules of how to get ahead.


University or School of Life?

Even though I'm a university graduate, I firmly believe that the letters after my name are no insurance policy for prosperity.