Adjusting To A Brave New World….

Driven by Fear The ongoing asylum seeker issue and Ford’s decision to sack 440 workers have been the two major stories in the media last week. Both matters are highly political – and at their core both are driven by...


An Amazonian Impact on the Retail Sector

According to reports in the press this week, Amazon is looking to set up shop in Australia – or, more accurately, to build a huge warehouse distribution center here. The impacts here will be big...


Thank God I’m a Country Boy

A six-foot-three bloke in a pink dress, ferocious blonde wig, and high heels – clutching a handbag and a beer – greeted me as I walked through the doors of the local watering hole...


Dave Quit his $300K Job & He’s Never Been Happier

Right now I'm packing my bags to head to the US this weekend, under the gloom of the September 11 anniversary. This week I caught up with a guy who not only survived the attacks, but quit his job and rebuilt his life. There's lessons for you here too...

Family and legacy

Know Your Worth Wives & Mothers

It's inevitable that mothers take time out of their careers to have kids, but there are some practical steps women can take to make sure they don’t end up losing their financial independence in the process.


Kicking Goals After Football

I’ve decided to look at two football veterans (from both grand final clubs) who have kicked major financial goals.


Five Must Reads on the Road to Success

A few years back, I caught up for coffee with a book publisher who was intent on publishing my next book - a guide to "Get Rich". I shot him down.


Find Your Passion That Pays You

My old man played a pivotal role in how I became Barefoot. But not everyone finds their passion as early in life.