What I learned from reading 385 job applications

Okay, so I’m kind of weird. This year I’ve employed six people. It’s not supposed to be this way; just ask the Daily Telegraph: “The chance jobseekers with little or no experience have of finding work has plummeted, with startling...


What a 90-year-old gardener taught me about real wealth

I’ve spoken to a lot of amazing people over the 12 years I’ve written this column, but the two hours I spent with legendary ABC broadcaster and garden guru Peter Cundall proved to be one of the most thought-provoking discussions of my life.


The Revenge of the Oldies

To date I’ve received literally hundreds of emails from people in their 50s and 60s -- some admitting they were in tears as they typed -- thanking me for taking away their fear of retirement.


Why it sucks to be a young person in Australia

If you see a Millennial — a person aged between 18 and 34 — go up and give them a great big hug. They need it. Australian Millennials are among the most miserable young people on the planet — well,...


How to Score a $1.6 Million Pay Rise

Let me share with you an actual email I received from a former employee a few years ago: Hey Boss, I know I haven’t exactly lived up to expectations since I started, but in my contract there’s a clause that...


Parachute A Comfortable Landing

Like a high school nerd trying to score a date to the dance, being rejected 150 times is God’s way of telling you that you need a new plan.


Pie In the Sky

A few years ago, just after Peter got married, he decided that if he was ever going to get ahead, he needed to “have a crack” at being his own boss. Today he works 18 hours a day, darting from one store to the other trying to keep things afloat. He’s tired, stressed and fearful about the future for his wife and newborn son.

Family and legacy

The financial advice I give AFL footballers (and why most of them hate it)

Given it’s the business end of the footy season, today I’m going to walk you through the financial advice I give to AFL players. It’s a little different from what they normally get. After all, experience has taught me that there’s no point in kissing their Sherrins -- god knows they have enough people doing that already.


Ten Reasons They Didn’t Call You Back

The quickest way to radically boost your wealth is by getting a better paid job. Problem is most people spend more time browsing on Seek than they do working out how to stand out from the pack. So, let’s take...


Highly Employable Robots: Rethinking the Future

This week, just for kicks, I’ve turned over the writing of this column to the robot R2-D2. There are a couple of reasons for this: first, because I’m bone lazy (and my writing has in the past been unkindly referred...

Family and legacy

The Five Biggest Regrets of Dying People

I’ve teared up twice since we lost our family home in the bushfires three months ago. The first was when I was reunited with my wife and son — but really, they were tears of relief. (In our makeshift rented home we...