The Big Budget Changes You Missed

Far as I can tell, we’re the only country that goes a little ‘Hollywood’ for the Budget. Other nations just read theirs out on a Tuesday afternoon in parliament, and no one gives a toss. Not us. We lock all...

Buying your first home

How to get into your home 30% quicker

When I was a kid, all I wanted for my birthday was a pair of Air Jordans -- Mum and Dad got my hopes up. Then on the big day, they presented me with … a pair of Dunlop Volleys -- “They’re great sandshoes”, said Dad. “You know, Newk used to play in these. A phenomenal sportsman.”

Family and legacy

Do this for your Dad

Saturday at our house is father-and-son day. Usually that means running around chasing chooks, manhandling the sheepdog, and getting as dirty as possible. However, when our house burned down (a couple of years ago) we found ourselves holed up temporarily...

Family and legacy

Who taught you about money?

Right now I’m on holidays with my family in Bali. The last time Liz and I were here, we were newlyweds without a care in the world. I’d romantically feed her strawberries and we’d laze by the pool, armed only...

Money Management

How to Make a Budget

Next week is the budget … and you know what that means? Not much. Just a bunch of middle-aged white guys trying to put lipstick on a pig. Here’s the truth that you won’t hear on Tuesday night: we’re paying...

Money and relationships

If you earn over $30k you need to read this

It hit me this week. After spending the last 18 months planning, designing, and building, we’ve finally settled into our ‘dream home’. And let me tell you it feels…‘okay’. I mean it’s a nice house, but it’s not like I...

Money and relationships

My Year of Spending Dangerously

Last year our family home burned to the ground, with everything still inside it. This week, after 488 (often sleepless) nights, we are finally back on the farm. In fact I’m typing this from my brand-spanking new deck, overlooking the dam. It’s our slice of heaven — but we had to go through hell to get it. So let me tell you about those 488 days, and the things we learned along the way….


Ready For Budget Round 2

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it at least three times: don’t take financial advice from Joe Hockey. After the Reserve Bank cut interest rates this week to (new) historic lows, Joe covered his curlies by advising us that "now is the time to borrow and is the time to have a go”.