Lock ‘Em Up!

Here’s something shocking that I learned about this week. Apparently there’s been a spate of violent home invasions in which young thugs have been terrorising vulnerable pensioners, and it’s been going on for years. In fact, one young thug was caught stealing $120 from a little old lady. And when...


If you’ve got an ING card, read this

The other day, ING sent me a mass-marketing email with the subject line: “Scott, refer a friend and you can both get $100.” Now, given that my book recommends setting up a couple of ING accounts … And given that my book has sold over 500,000 copies … And given...

Kids and money

The revolution starts with you

The Commonwealth Bank is under fire (again). This time it’s because CHOICE magazine called for the CBA’s Dollarmites school banking program to be banned. (For the record, I’ve been banging on about this issue for the best part of a decade, including two years ago when I fronted a Senate...


If you were a drug dealer, how would you want to be paid?

If you were a drug dealer, how do you think you’d want to be paid? PayPal? No. PayWave? Well, no. You’d want to be paid in cold, hard cash. And if you were ‘Breaking Bad’ big, you’d only want to deal in $100 notes — anything smaller would be too...

Family and legacy

Do this for your Dad

Saturday at our house is father-and-son day. Usually that means running around chasing chooks, manhandling the sheepdog, and getting as dirty as possible. However, when our house burned down (a couple of years ago) we found ourselves holed up temporarily in the city — so I was forced to improvise....

Family and legacy

Who taught you about money?

Right now I’m on holidays with my family in Bali. The last time Liz and I were here, we were newlyweds without a care in the world. I’d romantically feed her strawberries and we’d laze by the pool, armed only with our bathers, towels and a frosty beer. “Tapas?” Liz...


Barefoot’s Best Banking Deals

It looks increasingly like the Government doesn’t have the ticker to beat the banks. Well, bugger it, let’s have our own Royal Commission into banking misconduct. Let me grab my gavel and my girly wig. The Court is in session, the dishonourable Judge Barefoot presiding. Order, Order, Order… Best Everyday...


Why Your Bank is Lying to You

Malcolm, I feel for you, brother. On Wednesday, after the banks behaved like brats by not passing on all of the Reserve Bank’s rate cut, the Prime Minister held a press conference. He said — essentially word for word — the same things I say to my toddler each night...

Kids and money

Chances are you had one of these accounts…and you got screwed

If you answered, ‘the Commonwealth Bank’, you’re as dinky-di as drinking from a bubbler on a hot summer’s day. The CBA’s School Banking Program, known as Dollarmites, is an institution that has been around for over 80 years, and it’s currently in more than 2,500 primary schools across the country. Yet what you probably didn’t realise is just how cutthroat it is for the bank to get into your classroom.

Getting out of debt

The Bank Accounts, Credit Cards, and Home Loans that I recommend

It was a corker of a deal. In 2012 the Labor Government, fresh from ballsing up GroceryWatch, FuelWatch and RuddWatch, announced they were putting the screws on the Big Four banks. It was pure political gold: Australians get slugged with some of the highest bank fees in the world, and we’re as mad as hell about it. Or at least A Current Affair is, as told through the eyes of some angry old bird they always seem to find walking out of a Westpac in Western Sydney.

Financial Planners

Yes Minister

A few months ago I was invited to do a keynote speech with the CEO of the Commonwealth Bank, for an audience that consisted of 500 of the biggest movers and shakers in the finance industry. The bank chief began his carefully worded talking points, suggesting that his bank was...


Google Money

Open up your wallet. Go on. What do you see? My bulging cowhide has swallowed half a dozen loyalty cards, my licence, my Medicare card, three debit cards, a couple of discount fuel dockets, and $45 in notes. No wonder I have lower back problems – my right buttock hasn’t...