You’re Out for Yourself


I can tell there’s an ulterior motive to your constant bank-bashing. You act all high and mighty about getting the ‘money-grubbing’ banks out of our schools, but all you’re trying to do is weasel your own way into the classroom with your Barefoot Investor brand. It all smacks to me of self-interest — I certainly don’t want you in my child’s classroom.


Scott's Answer

Hi Tim,

It’s good to question everyone’s motives:

Am I trying to build my brand? Flog books to kids? Develop a marketing database?

No, no, and no.

I’ve put over $200,000 (so far) of my family’s money into creating my financial education program, and I don’t plan on having my Barefoot Investor branding on anything when it gets officially rolled out. It’s all not-for-profit.

So what’s my motivation?

The same thing that made me become a not-for-profit financial counsellor.

When I went into finance, my dad gave me this advice:

“Just be sure you don’t become a wanker … look after the battlers, son.”