You’ll Be Proud of Me, Barefoot


Dear Scott,

I wrote to you when I was on maternity leave in October 2017 to tell you I had racked up a $17,000 credit card debt (you published my response as ‘Zero Balance Is a Trap’). Well, since returning from maternity leave I am down to my last $1,000 payment, I am winning at work, and I even have a new role! I followed all your steps ‒ I paid off $25,000 in debt, negotiated a pay rise, and paid for a wedding, all while managing a two-year-old. Honestly, Scott, you have changed the game for me and my family!


Scott's Answer

Hi Natalie,

I didn’t do any of this, you did. A lot of people reading this right now who are just like you were may say their situation is hopeless. But you are inspiring them to get up and do something about it. What you’ve done at the start of your child’s life is to change your family tree ‒ from debt and disappointment to cash and confidence. Don’t underestimate just how much influence that will have on your kids.

You Got This!