You Offended me Last Week


Hi Scott,

I just read your Q&A and saw your column on ‘Why NAB employees read my book’.

I am a little offended by what you wrote. You are making out that all bank employees are evil people trying to stooge customers out of money. I have been working for NAB for nearly 20 years, yet I did not have a good grasp of my finances before reading your book.

I had a NAB home loan above 4.5% ‒ being young and naive I thought NAB would look after their employees and never realised there were better deals out there! After reading your book a couple of years ago I made the move to UBank to a home loan under 4% and have now secured a 3.35% loan.

There are many people working for NAB who do not understand finance and are in the same boat as most of your readers. There may be quite a few bankers out there who set out to do the wrong thing by our customers, but I think it very unfair that you make us all out to be like this.

NOTE: If you make this email public can you remove my name from it. Most of my team are barefooters but if management see this they may make it hard for the team. Some managers take the hard line whenever anything negative is said about the company by an employee.



Scott's Answer

Hi NABer,

Given NAB has around 35,000 employees, it would be a bit rich for me to label them all as evil … which is why I didn’t. And clearly most are honest, hard working people like you.

What I did (comically) poke fun at is that many people in the bank’s call centres would be on sales targets, and a call from a Barefooter would be a yorker (in cricket terms … or perhaps a bouncer) if they don’t get what they want.

This week my inbox was chock full of people (like you!) who successfully used my ‘bitch don’t switch’ home loan script to score a much better deal on their biggest expense.

Thank you for reading,