You Made Me Cry


You made me cry today. My 90-year-old mum had her purse stolen at the local shopping centre. When I told my seven-year-old, he immediately made her a card, put in all the money from his three jars, and gave it to his grandma. I am so proud of him. Thank you.


Scott's Answer


What a great kid you have!

My biggest fear is that my kids will grow up to become entitled brats.

That’s why the ‘Money Movement’ program I’ve created for primary school kids is all about Jam Jars. The Jam Jars give the kids (and their parents) the behavioural building blocks that will shape the rest of their lives: to be hard workers, smart spenders, savvy savers, and generous givers.

The final lesson of the program has the kids brainstorming ideas of who they can help in their local community, and then donating the money in their class ‘Give’ jar.

A Cambridge University study found that adult money habits start to become fixed by age seven!

It makes sense when you think about it: as the Jesuits say, “Show me the boy at seven, and I’ll show you the man”.

Well done.