You Made a Mother Cry


Hi Scott,

Your Mother’s Day column brought a tear to my eye — touching stories of strong women taking control of their lives. My husband and I read your book a few years ago and it completely changed the way we manage our money. Recently the coronavirus has hit us hard, as my hours have been drastically reduced and our side business has ground to a halt, but you have us covered. Our three-year buffer in the bank means we can sit back and wait for things to improve. A deep bow of respect to you, and to your Mum!


Scott's Answer

Hi Jen,

I’m used to getting hundreds of questions, but last week’s Mother’s Day column melted my inbox — in a good way!

And you know what? I agree with you: there’s so much negativity in the media right now that it’s nice to focus on the one person in your life who’s really selfless — your mum.

After all the doom and gloom lately, it was really lovely to share some positive stories for once. Thanks for sharing yours.

You Got This!