Top of the Class


Hey Scott,

I was indoctrinated into the ‘Barefoot cult’ around Easter this year, and it has changed my life. I am a business studies teacher in a low socio-economic high school in Brisbane’s south and, since reading your book, have been going on about it to my class. I kept on answering the students’ questions … until I decided to purchase a copy for each of them. When I gave them the books, they high-fived each other and said “This is going to change our lives!” I have cleaned out one Big W store and am making my way round the others. Thank you!


Scott's Answer

Hi Kim,

Teenagers? High fiving each other, about something other than a student free day?

You’re using the force, sister!

Without knowing it, you’ve just completed the money class I’m trialling in schools:

Step 1: Is to teach the teachers, so they can lift their own financial confidence. (It’d be pretty hard to talk to a bunch of kids about the dangers of credit cards when you have credit card debt yourself!)

Step 2: Is to teach the kids.

Step 3: Is to encourage the kids go home and share what they’ve learnt with their parents.

My motto is: if you help the kids, you help the parents. And if you help the parents, you change the nation.

Thanks for your support!