Tiny Houses


Hey Scott,

I recently stumbled upon the YouTube phenomenon of ‘tiny houses’. Are these a great idea or a terrible one? I understand that the value probably does not go up, but it provides an opportunity to get your own place — for cash!


Scott's Answer

Hi Jack,

You’re right: tiny houses have terrible resale value.

I know this because I’m looking to buy one … second-hand.

I can only assume the people who are selling have experienced the downsides of living in a confined space …

When you take a dump, it stinks out your whole house (which is about as big as Daryl Somers’ dressing room’s dunny anyway). And, to make matters worse, you don’t have any toilet paper because some coronavirus-prepper has already raided your local IGA. Am I right?

You don’t want to be turning around and booking a substantial loss on your tiny house.

So why am I buying one?

Actually I’m looking to buy a couple.

I’m going to dot them around the farm so me and the boys (okay, and the girl) can do mini-camping trips at a moment’s notice. It’s an investment in my kids, but it won’t make me any money.